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Our Story

In life, there are many priorities and goals we have to manage.  Sometimes this means we don’t make time for ourselves!  

Creating, maintaining, and being accountable for your personal weight, fitness, health plans, and goals is not always easy.  JustTrakIt provides a space for you to determine your journey’s path and the tools to track, manage, and share your progress.

Let us help you plan and track all of your workouts, measurements, and nutrition goals, and data, in a single location!  Set your individual goals from our multiple options, by category, or create your own. 

Sync certain activities via Apple Health and/or manually track your progress. Either way, JustTrakIt captures it all and allows you to share your journey, using one of our Progress Tracking Templates!

App Overview

Our goal is to help you throughout your journey, by creating a place where you can track, manage and document your progress and transformation, along the way.

Set, track and manage your goals, and our reminder notifications will help keep you on your path.
Then share your progress using our selection of custom tracker templates.

How Does It Works

Create Your Goals

Create personalized goals tailored to your needs

Record & Track Progress

View and manage all of your goals and your daily, weekly, or monthly data

Report & Share Results

Review and customize statistical reports and share on your favorite social media

Plan That Suits You Best

Unlimited Number of Goals
Template – option to select from library of custom templates
Unlimited number of completed goals
Archive limit for Goals

Commitment Gets Results

Choose a JustTrakIt Premium plan to start your 1-month free trial. You will be charged after
the trial has ended—cancel anytime


$ 49.99 Per Year
  • $49.99 billed yearly after free trial end


$ 4.99 Per Month
  • $4.99 billed monthly after free trial end

Now you can Get our mobile app

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Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first-time as a JustTrakIt user, you are eligible for a 30-day trial.  During the trial you have full product access as a premium user.  Upon completion of the trial period, your subscription will auto-renew as a monthly premium user.  You may also signup for the annual plan and get an additional two months free.

JustTrakIt Premium subscriptions provides full-access features on a monthly or a discounted annual plan.  Your subscription will renew monthly (or annually) at the beginning next period.  This continues until you manually convert your subscription to the limited feature free subscription via Settings-> Apple ID -> Subscriptions.

Absolutely, you may convert your subscription to the restricted free program.  Just cancel at least 24 hours before the subscription is scheduled to renew to avoid being charged for the next subscription period.  Of course, the premium features are available until the scheduled renewal date – regardless when you converted to the free program during your active subscription period.

You can upgrade your subscription plan at any time by going to the JustTrakIt application Settings option and select the Membership option.  You can upgrade from monthly to the annual subscription, or go back to the monthly plan from the annual plan.  Plan changes take effect upon the beginning of the next subscription renewal period.

The free subscription plan restricts the number of active goals to 1 and completed goal history to 2. If you downgrade your subscription plan from Premium to free, only the last created goal and the last 2 completed goals will be visible. Your additionally recorded data remains stored for 90 days. If you upgrade to a premium program within 90 days, all the active and historic goals are available again.

Success Stories

Your victories are our victories and we want to share them with the world.